As the electrical equipment industry continues to grow in this country, it's interesting to note how many of the industries we already compete with are affected. We're noticing more closings, more layoffs, and more bankruptcies than usual. And this is one of the signs of an increasingly unstable economy.

Even in the recent economic downturn, we saw a decline in employment creation. This is not what we need as a nation.

What can we do to prevent the next electrician from becoming unemployed? A short list of strategies would include the following: raise the skill levels of new workers and train current workers how to be better, more skilled. Allow all workers to work at more levels of skill. Keep up with technology and make changes to technology that provides more opportunities for electrical workers.

It's also crucial that electricians are paid on time and fairly by a company. In addition, electricians have to be able to compete with other types of workers in their field. If an electrician gets hired at a lower price than a worker with similar experience and education, the electrician will lose out to the cheaper worker.

Electricians who must advertise should offer incentives for new hires, like free or low-cost college textbooks, laptops, computers, and other items. So much competition in the marketplace is driven by what we're able to sell, and it is no different for an electrician.

Technology has created more job opportunities and career advancements. More employees means more chances for sales. And because of this, it's important that the electrical equipment industry stays competitive and that it adapts to new technology.

The industry can either adjust to the new and innovating technologies, or it can use them to their advantage and grow a better future. Technology is not all bad. It just requires creative minds and, yes, a good working environment.

The next generation of the internet is so complex that it's creating new opportunities for software companies, which are developing new platforms and business solutions. But this does mean that there are thousands of job openings for sales professionals.

Software companies will always need engineers and designers and many of the tools need to be updated and maintained to keep the tools up to date. The infrastructure of the entire electronic equipment industry will continue to evolve in order to compete with the best.

This isn't about competing with the other top companies. The goal here is to stay at the forefront of a changing landscape. For the people who are already in the industry, the question remains "What can we do to protect our jobs?"

Most of the professionals in the electricians industry have never had a discussion about the future of their job. It's just something they've been conditioned to think about but have never focused on. An opportunity to take action is what we're going to focus on today.

In the end, electricians are focused on keeping their jobs, but it's also about keeping the electrical equipment industry growth moving forward. It's not a matter of if a product will be better, it's a matter of how we all continue to adapt and change. After all, we don't want to be left behind in the technological advancement we all enjoy in these trying times.