The Banbury Rubber Machine Company was pioneers in the development of the all purpose household machine. They are responsible for creating hundreds of different household appliances and equipment. In fact they were responsible for creating so many different household appliances that they have managed to build a full name of their own.

The Banbury carousel is probably the most famous of the Banbury household appliances. These models have been in use since the late 18th century. In the 1800s children learned how to ride these machines with help from their parents. It was through this early experience that the Banbury Rubber Machine Company discovered the unique ability of the riding carousel to move an instrument in time with the music.

The Banbury Ball Machine was developed to replace the old ungainly but useful flute. The shape of the Banbury Ball Machine allows the instrument to be moved around the floor. This was a real improvement on the original flute and it still is today.

The Banbury Memory Machine was developed in response to a problem faced by computer enthusiasts in using a mechanical memory. The Banbury Memory Machine has remained one of the world's leading family entertainment machines to this day.

The Banbury Bicycle Harness is still a favorite piece of household equipment. The original model used a spring loaded spring system and was prone to injury when pulled too hard. However the Banbury Rubber Machine Company has perfected the design of the Banbury Harness and it is used by millions of people in the UK every year.

The Banbury Stand Up Diner is a popular piece of home entertainment equipment. One of the best features of this piece of home entertainment equipment is the freedom of mobility, which makes it easy to operate. The motor seat makes it possible to change the angle of the cabinet easily. The Banbury Bookshelf is a very popular piece of home entertainment equipment. This is a lovely book shelf which has a small section for books. It has been designed with portability in mind and can be transported easily from one room to another.

The Banbury Stand Up Bar is similar to the Bookshelf but is larger. It is very versatile in size and can be moved from room to room without needing a huge table to make it look like the family table. It looks great sitting at a coffee table, a dining table or in the living room.

The Banbury Turkey Prawn is a piece of entertainment equipment for the kids. It has been designed to be used by children to teach them how to use a prawn gun.

The Banbury Lawnmower has been a favorite piece of home entertainment equipment for years. It can be used by adults and children alike. It has been adapted so that it can be folded up so that it can be stored away when not in use.

The Banbury Wart Remover is also a popular piece of home entertainment equipment. This piece of home entertainment equipment uses liquid nitrogen to destroy warts and other ugly looking skin blemishes. It is also very easy to use.

There are thousands of different types of home entertainment equipment that can be used in the home today. Banbury has introduced the world to many of the most popular pieces of entertainment equipment in modern times.